Monday, September 12, 2011

Moving an Aquaponic System

     Personally, I don't find any fun in moving.  Even when I'm going somewhere that I want to go, the process of packing everything up and transporting it is high up there on my list of things I don't enjoy.  What could make it even worse?  How about a little over 4 tons of water. 
     Right now Trinity Aquaponics is in the process of moving locations.  One of the challenges ahead is in successfully transporting our demo systems without losing the fish and beneficial bacteria currently in the systems.  There is a game plan, but that doesn't seem to make it sound like any less work.  And the idea of losing over 300 fish is a scary thought.  Of course, they're tilapia.  And tilapia are an extremely hardy species.  Chances are if any are lost it will be a small number.  It is still worrisome, though.  Then you have to think about the plants.  We'll be cloning the mature plants in the systems and starting from the beginning, basically.  The seedlings that were recently started will be transported in trays with water in the trays to keep the roots from drying out.  So we won't be starting out completely from scratch.
     We will document the actual moving of our systems and share the experience with you here.  We will surely learn from this.  And those lessons learned will hopefully help you should there come a day when you have to pack up and move a system.


  1. I for one will be very interested in your reports on your move! I will hopefully be moving within the next 2-3 years and would be thrilled to learn from your experiences!!

    We will actually be headed down your way into South Texas!

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