Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving an Aquaponic System: Keeping Fish Batches Seperated

     Alright, it's been pretty busy around here so I haven't posted anything in a bit.  There's been a lot of running around, throwing things in boxes, staying up late at night, and all that good stuff.  So, how's moving an aquaponic system going? 
     We've been brainstorming mostly.  Our biggest concern is for the fish.  I don't want to lose all the bacteria that have established themselves in the systems, but it might happen to some of it.  Bacteria is free, though.  Plants aren't very expensive, unless you're counting time to grow seeds (time is money, so they say).  Replacing around a few hundred tilapia will put a dent in your pocket, though.  A very noticeable dent, if you're not rolling in cash.  A large part of our planning is being dedicated to the fish.  I'll get to the plants and bacteria in a soon to be published post.
     What have we got so far?  Laundry baskets and pool noodles.  Because the fish that are stocked in the systems we're moving are of two different sizes it's important to us that we keep them separated.  We're planning on moving them all in one tank, though, to cut back on the weight.  The truck we're using wouldn't stand for too much weight in the back.  But dumping them all in one tank and fishing them out with a net would not do the trick.  There's no way we'd be able to separate them once we got to our destination!  So we're planning to get a laundry basket with a plastic frame and lining the top of the frame with a pool noodle.  The pool noodle will keep the basket afloat, which allows us to dump the smaller batch of fish in the basket while keeping both batches separated.  In principle it works.  We'll find out soon enough.  Once we put together our little floating fish net I'll get you guys some pictures.


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