Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aquaponic Ponds

     This just goes to show the versatility of aquaponics with a little creativity.  Some people may be concerned about the aesthetics of an aquaponic system in their backyard, but a system can easily be designed to look very good.  And if you already have a pond, aquaponics is as easy as converting the pond to feed an aquaponic grow bed. 
     Did you see the aloe in the first system made of an old boat?  I'd never seen a succulent in an aquaponic system.  That's pretty cool when you consider that succulents don't like a whole lot of water. 
     Trinity Aquaponics can convert an existing pond to an aquaponic pond if you're in the Houston area, and we're more than happy to give you advice on the subject in or out of the Houston area.  Shoot us an email at

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