Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vermicompost Bin

Easy, cheap vermicompost bin

     Vermicomposting is a great solution to composting if you don't have a lot of space to dedicate to composting.  You can keep a vermicomposter almost anywhere so long as it's not hot and there's good air circulation.  And vermicomposting breaks down kitchen scraps a lot faster than just composting.
     In case you're not familiar with it, vermicomposting uses worms to break down vegetable matter.  As the worms eat the material in the vermicomposter they leave behind worm castings.  The worm casting can be scooped up and added to soil as an amendment or it can be dissolved in water to make a fertilizer solution.  Plants love the stuff.
     It's very cheap and easy to start.  And the added bonus is that if you run an aquaponic system, the worms from the composter can be used to supplement the diet of your fish.  Worms are high in protein and fish love them.  The webpage linked in the post has great information.  Not only on building a vermicomposter, but on starting it up, what to feed the worms, and troubleshooting.  It's a great article.

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